The Pros and Cons of Evernote and OneNote

If you are a college student and want a simple, free way to keep your notes organized, you should check out Evernote. You can use it to sync notes between your computer, mobile phone, and tablet. It even allows you to save PDF files, Voice recordings, and Videos. The free version is great for taking notes while you’re on the subway, but the paid version has many more features and is well worth the money. Evernote also syncs with your email account so that you can easily access your notes on any device, from your phone to your laptop.

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The free version of Evernote features cloud syncing between your home computer and mobile phone, mobile sync to your laptop, and full note-taking capabilities. But with small storage limits and no tech support, this app isn’t for everyone. Notes can only be 25MB in size, which is plenty for text-based notes, but images and PDFs will exceed the limit. You can also use Evernote to take notes and share them with others.

If you’re on a budget, Google Keep is a free option that’s close to Evernote’s prowess. OneNote offers a free version that is much more generous than Evernote’s. OneNote is also good if you’re already using Microsoft products and OneDrive, but both apps have their pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at both programs. The free version is the best option if you use Windows.

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