DealShare – India’s First Hyperlocal E-Commerce Platform for CCIMs

While most companies today struggle to get traction in their home markets, DealShare has made the journey from humble beginnings to a global scale in a much easier one. It is the first hyperlocal e-commerce platform in the world to connect CCIM members with consumers, and it boasts almost zero marketing costs and almost no customer acquisition costs. To find out more about DealShare, read on to learn more about its story. We will be discussing the product, its business model, and its plans for the future.

DealShare is a hyperlocal e-commerce platform

In September 2018, four young entrepreneurs launched DealShare, an innovative hyperlocal e-commerce platform in India. The company is headquartered in Jaipur and currently functions in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. As of January 2018, the company boasts of serving more than 1.5 crore customers, a staggering number considering its early stage. The e-commerce company targets consumers from the middle and lower income groups of India, the largest group of consumers.

It connects CCIM members

DealShare is a social networking site where CCIM members can post listings, find information, and interact. The website allows members to create custom profiles, post property descriptions, and search for experts in specific fields. The site also offers resources and forms, such as lease forms and examples of offering memorandums. Members can also post property prices ranges, headshots, and bios for others to view.

It has zero marketing spends

With no marketing spends, DealShare has quickly gained the trust of users. Its business model is based on solving a problem, so its customers are never disappointed. Its CEO, Vineet Rao, says that DealShare is targeting lower and middle-income Indian families, making it possible to get more services for less money without sacrificing quality. The company is aiming to provide these families with a service they will never have to pay full price for.

It has almost no customer acquisition costs

DealShare is a social commerce platform with a low cost of customer acquisition. Its customer acquisition model relies on a demand-generation model and sourcing from SMEs. It claims to have onboarded close to 16 million customers. The startup’s strong ties to SMEs in the manufacturing space allow it to source products of better quality at lower prices. The company has more than 500 SMEs in its network in the essential space, with plans to reach 1000 by the end of this year.

It uses Java

A startup aimed at making retail transactions more convenient, DealShare uses Java to build its platform. The company’s founders are a mix of former Microsoft employees and early entrepreneurs with experience in the retail industry. Vineet Rao and Sourjyendu Medda worked in the sales departments of Raymonds and Metro Cash. Sankar was an early co-founder of fashion e-commerce platform Myntra.

It uses AngularJS

When it comes to building an effective mobile app, AngularJS is an excellent choice. The tool helps developers to write client-side web applications using HTML, with an extended syntax. It also automatically synchronizes data from the UI to the model. The framework falls into the JavaScript MVC Frameworks category. To see how this framework works, check out DealShare’s demo. In one day, DealShare will process nearly 25,000 transactions per day.

It uses ReactNative

If you’re interested in creating a modern application, React Native might be the right choice for your project. DealShare is a fast-growing social e-commerce company based in India. It targets a new 500Mn user base in India, who are primarily mobile users. With React Native, DealShare can create a rich experience for both its users and business owners. In addition to the React Native development framework, DealShare also makes use of AngularJS, PHP, and Java. Its engineering team consists of 25 people, processing nearly 25,000 transactions daily.

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