Can Single Man Or Woman Claim Maternity Benefit In Health Insurance Policy?

What Does Health Insurance Coverage For Maternity Leave Entail? 

This insurance policy pays for all birth-related costs up to a predetermined amount (during and after pregnancy). You can select a stand-alone policy or add maternity coverage as an add-on health insurance by paying a higher premium.

  • When a Single Man Has A Policy That Includes Maternity Benefits

Financial planners advise people to purchase health insurance as early as possible. When it comes to a maternity benefit add-on, this becomes even more crucial. This add-on typically has a waiting period of 2-4 years.

Men can purchase health insurance plans that cover maternity benefits, but they will only receive these benefits once they add their wives to their existing health insurance policies.

When Can Your Wife Be Included In The Policy?

You cannot add your wife to the running policy after your marriage, that is, during the interim period before the next renewal date. If the insured, or the husband, already has an individual health insurance policy, the insured may include the wife in the existing policy and choose maternity cover without submitting any additional paperwork at the time of the next renewal.

What Transpires If A Live-In Situation Arises?

Let’s assume that two single individuals share a residence. A maternity benefit add-on cover is included in the insurance policy taken out in the male’s name. Can the woman in this situation add to the policy and claim the maternity benefit?

A male cannot use the maternity benefit (if it is included in the base policy) as he is not qualified. Even an unmarried couple cannot take an approach together (apply for the maternity benefit) as there is no insurable interest.

This suggests that having an insurable interest in the other person is crucial. Before the marriage is legally recognised, not even the fiancée will be regarded as sharing an insurable interest with the man. As a result, until he marries and includes his wife in the health insurance policy, a single man is not eligible to receive maternity benefits

  • When A Woman On Her Own Has A Policy That Includes Maternity Benefits

Not all health insurance plans include maternity benefits coverage for single women. After the waiting period, a few programs offer single women and mothers the necessary range regardless of marital status.

Regardless of her marital status, a woman who has a policy in her name and wants to make health insurance claims after the waiting period can do so. You will be eligible for the same once you’ve finished the waiting period, typically longer than other health insurance plans like family floater health insurance policies.

This suggests that a single woman who owns a policy in her name and meets the waiting period requirement can claim the maternity benefit regardless of her marital status. She can therefore purchase the maternity benefits policy even before getting married.

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