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How to Increase Your Homes Curb Appeal

Increasing homes curb appeal is vital to getting top dollar for a house when it comes time to sell it. Here are a few ideas to improve your home’s aesthetics:

Changing the style of the front door

One simple way to increase your home’s curb appeal is to change the style of the front door. Many people don’t realize that they can add a new style to their front door for under $100! In today’s market, there are countless styles available, so finding one that matches the rest of your home is simple! A new front door can make a huge difference when selling your home.


Adding planters to your home can make a huge impact on the overall curb appeal. Whether you place them on the front porch, deck railings, or entryway, plants are an excellent way to add curb appeal to your home. Proper placement of planters can increase the visual interest of your entrance and can be an easy way to make a room feel more welcoming and inviting. Planters can also be used in privacy nooks to provide additional privacy.

Window boxes

While the interior design is a priority for most homeowners, there is no reason that the exterior of your home cannot be equally stylish. Window boxes are a great way to add some color to the home’s exterior, while bringing flowers into the home from the inside. These containers can be replanted year after year, or you can simply install them for a quick boost of curb appeal. Here are some tips for selecting a window box:

Adding a bird feeder

Adding a bird feeder to the front yard of your home can be an easy way to add visual interest to your property. This will attract colorful birds to your yard, which will swoop through the trees for shelter. Adding a birdhouse will add natural beauty to your landscape, while attracting beneficial insects like bees and hummingbirds. It’s also a great way to increase your property’s curb appeal, as birds are a wonderful source of food for many different kinds of insects.

Painting the front door

When it comes to improving your home’s curb appeal, painting the front door can make all the difference. You can go for a bold color and have the entire front of your home stand out. Another great option is to go for a darker color and make your entire exterior look elegant and sophisticated. Regardless of the color of your front door, you can accomplish this project in just a single weekend. Follow these steps to make sure your front door is a beautiful addition to your home.

Trimming back overgrown trees

One of the most overlooked ways to increase the curb appeal of your home is to trim back overgrown trees. Trees can give your yard a cluttered look, and the extra space they provide will allow you to enjoy the outdoor area. In addition to curb appeal, properly maintained trees will increase your home’s safety, making them less likely to fall during a storm. Here are three great reasons to trim back overgrown trees:

Adding a new mailbox

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your home, adding a new mailbox is a great idea. This fixture is often the first thing a person notices about a home. Depending on the style of the mailbox, it can add to the charm of your property. To get the most out of this curb appeal boost, you should make sure that the mailbox is in good shape and can be easily updated. Before beginning, wash off any dirt or grime that may have accumulated on the mailbox overtime. Then, let the mailbox dry completely before adding the new mailbox.

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