With a Bcom Degree, How May One Pursue a Successful Career?

Are you currently enrolled in or have you completed a Bcom course and looking forward to developing a career in commerce? A Bcom degree isn’t just about numbers and spreadsheets, it is a versatile qualification that prepares you for a range of opportunities in various fields.

Through this blog, we will help you identify the numerous benefits of pursuing a Bcom program. We will also identify the profitable opportunities that you can avail after graduation. Let us delve into the essential information you need to know before enrolling for the course into the Bcom colleges in Kerala.


  • Bcom Course Synopsis
  • Benefits of a Bcom Degree
  • Opportunities with a Bcom Degree
  • Final Words
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Bcom Course Synopsis

A Bcom is a three year full time undergraduate degree program in the field of commerce and finance. Bcom stands for Bachelor of Commerce, which can be pursued by students from any background. The Bcom course emphasizes on developing various skills, such as mathematical skills, logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and teamwork.

Course Highlights: The best Bcom colleges in Kerala offer the course with the following features.

Have a look at the table below to get a quick overview of the Bcom course at the Bcom colleges in Kerala or others.

Particulars Values
Course Name (Bachelor of Commerce)
Course Type Undergraduate
Duration 3 years
Entrance Exam CUET UG
Eligibility criteria The eligibility criteria to pursue a Bcom course at Bcom colleges in Kerala is:

  • Students must have completed their 10+2 in any stream from a recognized institution or board.
  • Students must have scored at least 50% minimum marks in their 10+2.
  • Students must have qualified national level entrance exams or as per government guidelines.
Admission process Direct admission or based on the entrance examination
Fee of the Course INR 90,000 to 3 lakhs
Job Profiles Accountant, Banking, Management, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary
Top Recruiters HDFC, Deloitte, EY, LIC, Punjab National Bank, KPMG, SBI

Benefits of a Bcom Degree

The major benefits you will gain with a Bcom Degree from the best Bcom colleges in Kerala are:

  • Career Advancement: Obtaining a Bcom degree equips you with the skills and capabilities to handle the demanding environments. The best Bcom colleges in Kottayam emphasize focus on career advancement and open up more opportunities and responsibilities, leading to higher earning potential.
  • Management: After graduation, students have the ability to perform certain duties like solving problems, communicating with the team, and completing the task before the deadline at a time. 
  • Core Financial Skills: With a Bcom degree graduates can get a chance to develop some of the core technical skills including financial analysis, accounting, marketing, and business management, and hence increase their employability in various industries and profiles.
  • Entrepreneurship: Many Bcom graduates can also become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses once they become aware of the core competencies in the business world and skills and deeper understanding of how businesses work through a Bcom Degree.
  • Global Opportunities: The Bcom Degree is recognized worldwide, enabling graduates to pursue career opportunities overseas and they get a chance to work in diverse cultural environments.
  • Finance Management: The complicated course curriculum of Bcom degree prepares students with a deep understanding of financial literacy, enabling them to manage their personal finances effectively, invest wisely, and plan for a secure future.
  • Lucrative Salary: Due to the extensive job profiles and many job fields to explore, many graduates can earn an attractive salary package, and the salary may vary from occupation to occupation. Applicants with a few years of experience can receive a higher package as compared to those with less experience.
  • Networking Opportunities: During a Bcom program, students have plenty of opportunities to connect with industry professionals, alumni, and fellow students. These networking opportunities can be valuable in building relationships, accessing mentorship, and exploring internships or job opportunities in future.

The benefits that you will gain with the Bcom Degree are not limited to the above listed points but it is much more than that. The three year undergraduate degree can be your stepping stone for your career as well as personal development.

Opportunities with a Bcom Degree

Pursuing the Bcom degree at the best Bcom colleges in Kerala offers a wide range of job opportunities across various industries. Here are some common job roles that you can procure after graduating with a Bcom:

Job Profile Description Average Salary
Accountants The primary role of an accountant is to collect, analyze, record and report the financial data of a company or an organization. INR 3 LPA
Sales Manager A Sales Manager leads the sales team and looks after the day to day tasks of sales operations of an organization or business.  INR 3.2 LPA
Banking Professional A Banking Professional helps meet the financial needs of clients, individuals, and institutions.The role often involves supervising loan processes, managing risk, and developing client relationships. INR 5.5 LPA
Financial Analyst A Financial Analyst is responsible for a broad range of activities including gathering data, organizing information, analyzing historical results, making recommendations, and generating excel models, presentations, and reports. INR 4 LPA
Tax Consultant Tax Consultants typically are involved in preparing and submitting tax returns, researching tax laws, advising on tax planning, and representing clients in conflicts with tax authorities. INR 5 LPA

There are ample job opportunities for students after completing a degree in Bcom. Also, Bcom graduates can work in a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors. Some of the top recruiters of private sectors for Bcom graduates include:

  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Deloitte
  • Cognizant
  • Ernst & Young
  • Goldman Sachs

Final Words

In conclusion, the Bcom degree is filled with diverse opportunities and possibilities. By leveraging the skills acquired, exploring various career paths through internships and placements programs, networking with fellow students and alumni, and continually investing in professional development, one can easily plot a path toward fulfillment.

While challenges may arise along the way, resilience and commitment will ultimately lead to success in the journey with a Bcom Degree. Embrace the challenges ahead and embark with confidence and determination.


  • What is the full form of Bcom?

Bcom stands for Bachelor of Commerce.

  • What is the Bcom Salary in India?

On an average, the starting salary for a Bcom graduate in India ranges from Rs. 2 to 4 LPA.

  • What sectors provide job opportunities to Bcom graduates?

Some of the main sectors that provide job opportunities to Bcom graduates are:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Government Services
  • Can I do CA after Bcom?

Yes, of course! After graduating with a Bcom Degree you can easily enter the CA course directly.

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