Improving Your Hydration Habits

Aiming to drink at least 8 ounces of water with every meal is a great way to improve your hydration habits. You should start by drinking at least two glasses of water in the morning and one glass of water right before each meal. Drinking water with your meals is also a great way to slow down your eating. Those who are more active will also benefit from pairing their meals with a glass of water. This can help them consume food slower, which will affect their digestion.

Increasing your water intake can help you prevent dehydration, which can cause heatstroke. Make sure to drink more water than you lose, as mild dehydration can cause fatigue, less alertness, and even lower mood. Additionally, increasing your water intake may help you lose weight or reduce body fat. This means you can spend your summer more comfortably with your family. Hydration habits can be a habit that you can continue into the next year.

Developing good hydration habits early on is crucial for your child’s health. Try to offer smaller amounts of fluid throughout the day. Try offering them a water bottle that they can choose, and consider offering a frozen water bottle in hot weather. Also, water down juices and other sugary drinks, if possible. Fruit and vegetable snacks are also a great way to encourage good hydration habits and keeping sodas for special occasions only.

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