Human Fountains on America’s Got Talent

Human Fountains are an act that has garnered plenty of attention on America’s Got Talent. They spit liquids at each other in formal wear, and the judges were clearly upset after sending some act’s home last week. But did they get salmonella from practicing? That’s something to watch for, and this unique act is not going anywhere. It’s still worth a look, though. You can watch them on NBC Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

As a team, Human Fountains perform various water-spitting routines while performing classical music. The performers have an endless supply of tricks up their sleeves. One of Human Fountains’ most notable performances was on America’s Got Talent season 13 as an audition. The group has since performed on international television and on many other shows. They’ve since focused on social media platforms, including YouTube. Their full show has received many awards. This article has been adapted from Wikipedia.

The act has made the show even more controversial. After all, the judges were shocked that the group spit orange juice and raw egg into their fellow competitors’ mouths. The act was especially controversial, and Mel B. started gagging during the act. Simon Cowell even called it “the stupidest act on AGT.”

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