Get Ahead in Your Career with a BTech in Artificial Intelligence & ML

In the era of digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized various industries. As businesses increasingly rely on AI-driven technologies to stay ahead of the competition, a BTech with specialization in Artificial Intelligence stays ahead of the curve and it has improved employment prospects in the business and corporate world. We will go over the many advantages and chances that AI and Machine learning colleges in India can offer throughout this blog.

Table of Contents:

  1. Course Overview: BTech in Artificial Intelligence
  2. Perks of Earning a B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence?
  3. Scope After a B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

Course Overview: B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence

As you can see artificial intelligence’s rapid development and wide range of opportunities, many students choose to pursue a Bachelor of Technology in the subject. Taking this into consideration, the AI and Machine learning colleges in India, have created AI-based curriculum to give you the needed know-how and skills to effectively collaborate with AI through the use of cutting-edge technologies. 

Course Highlights

To learn more about B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence Program from AI and Machine learning colleges in India, kindly refer to the table below:


Level of Education  Undergraduate 
Duration of the course 4 years 
Mode of Examination  Semester Pattern 
Eligibility Criteria  Indian Board

  • Must have studied 10+2 with Physics, Mathematics, and English, as compulsory subjects. You should also choose either Chemistry or other vocational courses.
  • Secure at least 50% in the 12th grade or as per university guidelines.



  • Complete an Engineering and Technology Diploma with at least 60%.
  • Appear in JEE /MHTCET/ CUET/ PERA.

IB Board

  • Must be a Diploma/Certificate Holder with a minimum of 20 points. 
Average Course Fee  INR 2.98 LPA (approx.)

Admission Procedure

As the best University in Mumbai and others follows a complete online admission process which includes simple steps given below:

  • Fill out the online application form
  • Document verification
  • Personal Interview

Perks of Earning a B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence?

Through a B.Tech Degree in Artificial Intelligence, you can experience several potential benefits. For a more detailed overview, we have outlined below the benefits of getting this Degree from BTech artificial colleges in India and others:

  • Competitive Advantage

As AI is continuously evolving, you will get to know that AI professionals are highly demanded. And, this further means that you will have excellent employment opportunities and competitive growth.

  • Industry Knowledge: A Btech in Artificial Intelligence will equip you with some specialized knowledge and skills that are applicable to the developing industry of artificial intelligence. By earning a BTech in AI, you will be able to position yourself as a desirable candidate in the job market.
  • Learning and Growth

 BTech in Artificial Intelligence provides you with great job opportunities and high income jobs. In addition, the B Tech Artificial Intelligence colleges in India strive to develop AI specialists to stay updated with the latest developments in the field.

  • Constant Advancement 

Artificial intelligence is continuously evolving, and it can introduce you to new tools and methods that help the world run more quickly. As a result, you will have to stay updated in your profession and carry on learning and developing throughout your careers after graduating from the AI and Machine learning colleges in India.

  • Entrepreneurship Development 

You can acquire the necessary skills, and knowledge and switch from being a job seeker to a job provider with the help of this degree. Imposing the power of AI, you can build successful innovative startups and ventures.

Scope After a B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence

So if you are passionate about technology and curious about the world of artificial intelligence and thinking about making a career in this field, you’re at the right place! 

Let’s explore the wide range of career opportunities to avail in the continuously evolving field of technology.

Below is the table given to enhance your knowledge regarding the job prospects in the technology field and their average salaries. Go through it to check your area of interest.

Job Profiles Description Average Salaries
Data Scientist These professionals are experts in AI and machine learning. Data Scientists are in high demand across various industries, helping organizations to gain valuable insights with the power of data available with them. They analyze customer behavior, predict market trends, and achieve certain valuable insights to enhance business revenue. INR 11 to 15 LPA
Data Analyst A Data analyst is a person who collects, cleans, and interprets data to answer a question or solve a problem. They have certain roles in various industries including business, finance, criminal justice, and government. INR 4 to 7 LPA
AI Engineer As an AI Engineer, your responsibility  will be to build AI models using machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks to get valuable business insights.AI Engineers are in demand to drive technological solutions and technological enhancement to shape the future. INR 11 to 20 LPA
Machine learning Engineer Machine learning engineers act as essential members of the data science team. Their main tasks involve researching, building, and designing the artificial intelligence models and maintaining and improving existing artificial intelligence systems. INR 9 TO 18 LPA
AI Software Developer As an AI Software Developer, you will be responsible for designing and building intelligent software applications that leverage AI algorithms and techniques such as developing chatbots, virtual assistants, autonomous systems, or etc. INR 7 to 12 LPA
Robotics Engineer Robotics engineers help create robotic systems used to perform various human duties. As a robotic engineer, you’ll be responsible for designing, building, maintaining robots, as well as conducting research and developing new applications for existing robots. INR 2  to INR 8 LPA


Overall, In the world of continuously growing technology where artificial intelligence and machine learning is continually expanding, a BTech in artificial intelligence is your stepping stone to a dynamic future. The possibilities are endless and demand for AI/ML experts is ever growing. So take the first step towards a rewarding career with the power of AI/ML in organizations worldwide.


  • What is the scope of BTech in Artificial Intelligence?

BTech in artificial intelligence graduates can opt for various careers after graduating. Some of the most in demand roles are Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst.

  • What is the salary after BTech artificial intelligence and machine learning?

The average salary after BTech in artificial intelligence ranges from INR 6 to 25 LPA.

  • Are there any colleges for BTech in Artificial Intelligence 

in India?

There are several AI and Machine learning colleges in India which are recognised by the government. 

  • What are the course fees of BTech ?

The average course fees of BTech in India ranges from INR 2,00,000 to 10,00,000 lakhs for the entire duration of the course.

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