FIFA Football World Cup

The FIFA football world cup is the culmination of the year’s soccer competition. The tournament consists of two stages and features 32 national teams from across the world. A qualifying tournament is held in each of the six zones, and teams are seeded according to performance in their qualifying tournaments. The amount of qualifying spots is determined by FIFA, which is influenced by lobbying efforts from various confederations. A team may qualify for the finals only if they have won their group and have qualified for the knockout stage.¬†click here for more info from Discord

Brazil has won the most World Cups, and is the only nation to participate in every final. Italy follows with four championships, one more than Brazil. Italy won their first two titles back-to-back, but Brazil won their fourth title in 1994. In each of these tournaments, Italy won at least one match. The finals have been held since 1930. This year, France will play Croatia for the fourth time in history. The final is scheduled for June 28.

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The first World Cup finals took place in 1934. The match between France and West Germany ended in a 3-1 draw. That year, Bulgaria scored two own goals. The only other nation to advance to the finals was North Korea. Brazil’s only defeat came in 1966 when they were eliminated by the Czech Republic. In addition to Brazil, Mexico made history by playing in Group 3 in the tournament. The final was the first tournament to have no goals.

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